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Based in China, we represent 100,000 Toy Factories from across China offering the newest and hottest RC Toys, RC Quadcopter, Toy Drone, RC Helicopter, RC Car, RC Plane, Baby Dolls & Various Toys For Children & Babies.
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We are one of the oldest and largest toy manufacturer in China celebrating 40 years of service to the world! Surrounded by 100,000 toy factories all over China, we are very well positioned to bring you the newest & best remote control toys China has to offer. We specialize in toy drones, rc helicopters, rc quadcopters, rc toy cars & trucks, rc airplanes, toys for boys, toys for girls, toys for babies, and offer a selection of high quality, well made & well priced children toys.

Today, our association is run by the new generation. We were educated in the west, speak fluent English, are computer savvy and offer a western style level of service: professional with the industry, fast reply to emails, on time shipments, with a very special emphasis on quality! We will not send you the goods unless we have tested every single toy! If you buy from us, you can relax...!

Seeing we are surrounded by 100,000 toy factories, we no longer need to manufacture all our toys ourselves, as we did in the good old days. Many of the toys you will find on our site or in our HUGE showroom (over 1,000,000 toys!), are manufactured by our neighbors, China toy factories and toy manufacturers!

CTF Showroom

We are a complete one stop service station! When looking for a toy, all you need to do is email us a brief description of the toy together with a clear image, we will locate the factory that produces it within 10 minutes, and will offer you a price CHEAPER than if you would contact the factory directly, due to our reputation and volume of purchase, we are able to offer plain factory manufacturing cost, even lower than what you can get from the direct manufacturers!

With our rich experience in the industry, we are capable to carry out the OEM/ODM projects for our customers, from design, development, molding, production, inspection to shipment. We make your idea comes true!

Professional Manufacturer

To buy from China Toy Factory and you can be 100% sure you will get exactly what you paid for. If you buy from us, you can relax...!

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