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Drones and RC Helicopters are more popular for boys. Toys for girls is another big money-making line in the toy industry. Baby doll is the best selling item among this line. China Toy Factory is also engaged in the production of different kinds of baby dolls, big dolls, small dolls, new born baby dolls, all vinyl dolls, soft dolls, stuffed baby dolls, dolls with function, dolls with accessories, cheap dolls, fashion dolls... 
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Check the New CTF Baby Doll Collection For 2016!


2016 NEW X380 FPV GPS 2.4G 1080P HD Camera

RC Quadcopter RTF with Barometer Set High Function

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If you are looking for a Quadcopter with stable and long flying time. X380 is the ticket. In fact, X380 has many amazing features right out of box.

The X380 Drone comes ready to fly with 2.4G transmitter to make 1000 meter control distance and no interference.

 It is with 5400MAH lipo battery and a balance charger, light body and high performance of all-in-one design, which make X380 to fly about 30 min. You can enjoy the long flying time and space.


Not only does it come with the essential items required to fly the drone it is also equipped with flight enhancing systems such as GPS auto pilot function, Return Home function, one key take off, one key landing, altitude sensor with altitude hold, self stabilization mode, and built in failsafe and self landing modes. 

X380 will never get lost with its GPS and auto pilot system. With the assistance of GPS, X380 is fully capable of returning to its starting point on auto pilot. To activate the GPS home function all you need to do is hit a switch on the transmitter. If you happen to run out of range or experience interference, X380 will return home on its own without any radio input. 

X380 has the barometer function, which means the quadcopter drone can now tell how far high up in the sky it is.






X380 / X380-A / X380-B / X380-C

Name:FPV RC Quadcopters
Material:High imitation carbon fiber,special PC + ABS
Size: 30.5*30.5*21 CM
Wheelbase:37.6 CM
Color box size:39.8*34.3*23 CM
Take off weight: X380(945) ,X380-A(1055g), X380-B(1005g), X380-C(1180g)
Packaging:Sealed case

GPS positioning,Level error(±0.5m)
Measuring height with air pressure,Vertical error(±0.5m)
Compass,Headless mode,Super Headless mode
Automatic return,Failsafe,Around point shooting
Two low-voltage protection,Landed safely
A key take-off and A key to landing

Adopted advanced barometer achieve setting high,automatically set high,not limited height,stable and reliable
Remote control distance 1000 meters
Charging time:1.5-2 hours
Remote control mode:2.4G
Remote distance:1000m
The number of drive motors:(2212  950/KV) *4pcs
Battery Details: 5400mAh
Flight time: X380(30 minutes)
                     X380-A(27 minutes)
                     X380-B(28 minutes)
                     X380-C(22 minutes)


X380: Standard configuration


X380-A: Single-axis servo Gimbal,1080P HD Sports camera, continue working 80 minutes when full power

 X380-B: Three points Damping Gimbal,1080P HD Sports camera, continue working 80 minutes when full power

X380-C: Two-axis brushless Gimbal,1080P HD Sports camera

Package Included:
1 x X380/X380-A/X380-B/X380-C Quadcopter
1 x Flight Controller
1 x Instructions
1 x Charger
4 x Propeller
1 x Lithium Battery
1 x Reader
1 x Data line