Quality Control

We test every single Drone & RC Toy as part of the production procedure!

If you are new to the business of retail and wholesale, you may not know that many factories make the same toys. A successful toy will get copied immediately, and it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the original and the copies.

While the toys all look the same on the internet, they are in fact not the same at all. The materials used could be cheap or expensive and the packaging may be cheap or expensive. Most importantly in the case of RC cars, drones & RC toys, the motor may be of good or poor quality. If the motor, the remote control unit, the battery or the charger are not working properly you have NOTHING!

Our Drones & RC Toys are made of the highest quality materials. Starting from our export cartons, and all the way through materials used, coloring and printing, the motors, remote control units and chargers are all of the highest quality, and we guarantee you will be entirely satisfied with every single RC Toy & Drone you purchase from us. Please be careful of other companies that sell a “look a like” image, the drones may not be of the best quality.

We test every single RC Toy, Drone & RC car as part of the production procedure! Every toy or drone coming off the production line is tested together with the remote control unit and the charger. We put them into a basket and take them over to our testing teams. Only after we have tested that the Remote Control Toys & Remote Control Cars are working and performing all the functions & stunts, only then we package them!

Every rc toy, drone, rc car & rc helicopter, every remote control unit, every battery and every charger are tested before they are packaged! Every single one! If you buy from us, you can relax!