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Buy Drones & RC Toys China Factory Direct, And Pay Rock Bottom Wholesale Prices With Factory Direct Shipments!

My name is Jessica Chen. I am the CEO of Nahpco Industrial Corporation Ltd, as well as GoldRosita, known around the world as simply China Toy Factory.

This article is being created for you, the buyer. I know exactly why you are here. You are not looking for toys, there are plenty of companies that sell toys; you are here because you are looking for a reliable toy supplier. There are many export corporations and toy wholesalers that can take your money, and ship a few cartons. This is not at all what we are about. We are not just “order takers”; we are your business consultants, and the best trading partner you can ever have.

As a wise drones and toys importer, you know that good drones for sale and hot RC toys come and go all the time: Knowing which drones are best, and why, is very important, but a lot MORE important is knowing who is the BEST supplier, and WHY!

A good toys supplier is more important than a good toy!

Let me set the scene for you, covering all possible topics related to buying drones and rc toys in bulk; a step by step guide to buying remote control toys China direct at wholesale prices, with tips and insights that will take your rc toys business to the next level.

Our location:

We are based in Chenghai city, Metro Shantou, In Guangdong province, China.

Chenghai is a one of kind toy city, the only city in the world where every single building in the city is a toy factory, or directly related to the toy industry. Some buildings are RC toy factories, others are the support services: printing factories, export carton factories, battery factories, motor factories, designers, testing labs and shipping companies. Every single person in Chenghai is involved in the remote control toy business. If you look at traffic, you will see a constant flow of cars, motorbikes, pickup trucks and vans, all delivering toy parts from one toy factory to the next.

It is this unique high density concentration of modern toy factories located in one small geographical area, which has created the world’s largest manufacturing hub for drones and remote control toys. 80% of all UAV, Drones, RC Cars and toys are manufactured right here in Chenghai, Shantou metropolitan area.


We are right in the center of the global toys manufacturing hub. If we do not manufacture the toy you want, then the factory to our left, right, or the factory across the street does. We can supply you with any kind of RC toy, at a low wholesale price with China factory direct shipments.


Rapid response time:

Time is of the essence, and so our company is a rapid response team.

Our entire administration, production managers, marketing and sales personnel, are moving around with the latest IPads in their hands, and new models of IPhone tucked in their back pockets.

Any communication with us is seen within seconds, and reacted upon immediately.

From  your very first inquiry about prices and shipping schedules, to the very last shipment details, your concerns are a high priority for us; we take care and handle all matters at one speed only: very fast!


Sourcing toys:

We are surrounded by thousands of toy factories. If we do not manufacture the toy you want, we can find it for you…in minutes. We have secretive local networks of online sourcing groups, which are unique in the world and present only in the Chenghai toy manufacturing area. When you send an inquiry, and ask us to supply you with a toy we do not directly produce ourselves, within seconds, your inquiry is passed on to the online sourcing group, and within literally seconds every toy factory in Chenghai is seeing your inquiry. Things move in lightning speed around here, and with a total turnaround time of just minutes, we will know which factory is producing the toy you want, the cost, packaging info, and how soon we can ship the goods to you. If you have any doubts, or think this is science fiction…try us! We look forward to the challenge.



Our staffs in marketing and sales departments speak several languages, with a strict minimum of 4.

First is Mandarin, which is the official language in China. Then we speak Cantonese, which is the official language in Guangdong province. Then we speak English, because the international trade business is based on English, and finally, we speak Chaozhounese, which is the local dialect in Chenghai.

Foreigners cannot penetrate our local sourcing and communications platforms, because all the confidential stuff is done in our local dialect. Even Chinese people from Beijing or Shanghai that come to our city hoping to find good toy factories and good sources for toy related items, cannot penetrate our local systems, as Chaozhounese is totally different than any other dialect in China.


Our language skills put us in a very good position to find, produce and supply any remote control toy you need. Only native Chinese from the Chenghai drone manufacturing hub can offer these services.



There are many different ways we can ship the goods to you. As your business consultants, we will advise you about the most appropriate shipping method that will perfectly meet your needs.

Your business, which is buying drones & RC toys wholesale from China, depends on the right combination of cost and speed when it comes to shipping. If you make a bad choice, it can take your business down. If you buy 3 container loads of remote control toys and they arrive 1 week before Xmas, when it is already too late to distribute them, it can destroy your business.

Our sales personnel make shipping arrangements all day long, on an ongoing basis. They are experts. Listen to them. Your success is our success, and we want to see you come back again and again with new orders.

We will therefore offer the best advice we can, and I strongly recommend you take our advice. We are experts in shipping toys and drones worldwide.


When buying drones & RC toys in bulk, wholesale prices are not fixed.

Prices depend on 2 things: the quantity of the order, and the time of the order.

The larger the quantity, the lower the price will be.

Like every commodity, the price of toys depends on supply and demand.

If you order in September for example, planning to receive your toys by October, just in time for Xmas, this is a very busy season, demand is high, and prices will be higher.

If you order in January, which is low season after Xmas, prices for the same toys and drones will be cheaper.

For more info see our prices page.

 Price negotiation:

Money is everything, and we are acutely aware of the fact that you are shopping for a low wholesale price.

But keep in mind that our factory needs to make a reasonable profit to sustain itself.

The battery factory needs to make a small reasonable profit, and so does the motor factory, the mold factory, the printing factory, the shipping company…everyone needs to make a small profit on your shipment of toys or drones.

If you push too hard, and try to lower the cost too much…we will not be able to supply the goods.

If you are after low prices only, you will eventually find the price you want, but the quality and service will be a disaster!


Negotiating for a low price is OK, but don’t push too hard. Once we inform you “this is really the best price we can offer”, any additional negotiation after that will lead to a sharp decrease in good will, and don’t be surprised if the toys you need so badly, are being produced and shipped to your competitor, who has agreed to pay a little more.

I can honestly and comfortably state that we are a professional toys manufacturer, exporter & wholesaler in Chenghai that will offer you high quality best-selling RC toys & drones at VERY competitive prices!



Years ago, the Chinese toys manufacturing industry had quality issues, but these times are long gone.

The largest drone factories and RC toy factories in the world are located here, and are now producing toys with high quality control standards and strict quality control procedures in place.

Batteries, motors, computer chips and all other components that go into the manufacturing of drones and other remote control toys are rigorously tested, quality is a sure thing.



Quality problems related to drones and toy manufacturing in China are a thing of the past. We have our own in house quality assurance department, and we certify that every single RC toy and drone produced is tested and inspected prior to shipping. You can buy with confidence; there is no need to worry about the quality. That is part of Chinese history by now.

For more details visit our quality page.



We are flexible and accept almost any kind of payment. The method of payment we can accept is mostly dependant on the size and total cost of your order.

We always require full payment in advance, with the exception of full container loads of toys.

If you are buying a full container load, 50% deposit is required to confirm your order and start production, and the other 50% is required when the order is produced and ready, but before shipment.

Paying fast will expedite your order. Nothing happens here until payment has been received.

For detailed info about the payment methods we accept, read the payments page.



Samples are available at a premium. The cost of preparing a sample, packaging it, invoicing it and shipping it is very high, and you should avoid buying samples, as even a small drone toy or mini RC toy shipped via courier to you, will cost about USD 200. We make every possible effort to take sharp clear images of our products, and provide all relevant information, so you do not have to waste money and time before placing an order.

Free samples of RC toys and drones are available, if you are an ongoing customer.

When we ship your current order, we can easily include a few free samples of toys you are considering for your next order.

For detailed info please visit our samples page.


Timing and Order Validity:

You should be aware that new RC toys and cars, as well as the best-selling drones are in very high demand. Toy importers from around the world want to buy our toys, and truth be told, we often cannot meet the demand.

So, keep in mind that you need to think fast, move fast and make rapid decisions. If you inquire about a container of toys today, and we offer you a price with a confirmed shipment date today, the validity of our offer is 48 hours. Unless we receive your payment within this time frame, other orders and other buyers will get the production time that was promised to you.


The biggest toys market in the world is right here in Chenghai. You found us. You are now in contact with a major supplier of drones and remote control toys.

But keep in mind that inquires and confirmed orders with payment are pouring in….don’t take your sweet time procrastinating…if you want the goods, take quick action!


Solving problems:

Producing drones and remote control toys is not always a smooth process. There are problems that happen from time to time, and unless you are dealing with a supplier that is very well connected in the city, you are in big trouble.

Let’s assume you have a container of RC cars that absolutely must be on board 2 days from now, but we are unable to finish the order because the motor factory is late on the delivery of motors, due to some problems they are having with their own suppliers of various parts.

This is when our Mr. Chen, the founder of Gold Rosita and China Toy Factory Association will enter the picture.

He will make one phone call, maybe two, and the problem will be solved!



Gold Rosita toy factory and Nahpco Industrial Corporation Ltd., have been in business for 40 years. We are not a bunch of kids fresh out of college. Most of our upper management team has been here for decades!

Our focus is long term. We value the relationship. If you have read the above info carefully, you can see clearly the benefits of doing business with us.

We are very excited to start our partnership, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Jessica Chen, CEO.

Any doubts at all about our experience? Go to Godaddy.com and click on the “whois” link. Search for the domain name “Nahpco.com”, you will see that Jessica Chen registered the domain name in February of 1999, 20 years ago!  How many suppliers in China do you know that can say that…?

Nahpco = New And Hot Products Corporation.


How did Chenghai become a drone manufacturing hub?

Toy factories in the Chenghai area (Shantou metropolitan) were originally mostly plastic toys factories. These factories were specializing in manufacturing and exporting plastic toys, building blocks, and other basic educational toys.

About 20 years ago, the toy industry shifted to producing remote control toys.

Factory owners in the area noticed that RC cars, RC boats and RC planes were in high demand.

Kids all over the world were fascinated by the power they have while holding the remote control unit in their hand, and by pressing the relevant buttons on the remote control unit, controlling in effect the movement of the plane, boat or car.

This is exciting for any kid, at any age, and is still very true today.

Our factory was converted to the production of remote control toys about 20 years ago, and we now produce and export RC cars, RC boats, RC Helicopters, with a special emphasis on mini RC cars and RC stunt cars which are small, light, have a low wholesale cost and easy to ship.

Drones started to become very popular about 15 years ago.

At that time the area factories were focusing on a new kind of hot toys; RC helicopters.

Sure, remote control trucks, cars and boats are loads of fun, but seriously, what can be more exciting than controlling a flying helicopter? When the action moves up from the ground to the sky, it is a lot more fun.

Drones are essentially remote control helicopters with a camera attached.

When the drones market became hot like fire about 15 years ago, the remote control factories in China converted from RC helicopters to Drones by simply…attaching a camera.

It was fast and easy.  In almost no time, Chenghai toy city, famous worldwide for the production and export of RC toys, became the world’s largest manufacturing hub for UAV, quadcopters and drones of all kinds and shapes.


Buying UAV drones and remote control toys directly from the factory & wholesale supplier in China has never been cheaper, easier or faster!

Trends come and go. The hot toy of the year is a new stunt RC car now, next month it may be a remote controlled speed boat, and the following month it may be a new kind of mini drone with stunning acrobatic abilities. As long as you are doing business with us, you will always be informed and have access to the newest, bestselling remote control toys and drones at low wholesale prices.

What we really do?

We are not “order takers”. We are toy business consultants. After 40 years in the toy business, we are intimately familiar with every possible aspect of this business.  We are seeking long term partners.

Our Vision

A one time order of toys or drones has no meaning for us. We will do our very best to advice you about which toys or drones to buy, when to buy them, and the best way to ship them.  Your success is our success, we think of your business as our own.

History of Beginning

40 years ago, we started as a factory producing plastic toys.  We then moved on to produce remote control toys, mini RC cars and small RC stunt toys. 15 years ago we shifted to manufacturing best selling drones. For more details read above.