RC Toys Samples

What you see is what you get ...

China Toy Factory receives many requests for samples from all over the world. The time invested in preparing the package, labeling it, invoicing it and making the shipping arrangements is considerable and is worth a lot more than the samples themselves!

Shipping a sample from China via express courier delivery is very expensive, usually about USD 100 for a tiny sample, USD 200 for the average RC toy and if a toy is large and/or heavy, USD 300 for express delivery alone (not including the cost of the toy)!

If you are seriously interested in placing an order, but need a sample first, please buy it and pay for it. This is the cost of doing business.

We do not ship samples freight collect (even if you do have an account with the courier company), freight charges must be prepaid.

If you wish to order samples and pay for them, please let us know:

  • Which toys EXACTLY you want (toy names & item numbers)

  • How many units EXACTLY you want from each toy

  • Where EXACTLY you are located (country & city)

We will email you a quotation for the price of the samples including express delivery within 24 hours.

Attention: Our toys have very clear images with detailed specifications. Please believe your eyes. What you see is what you get. If you believe your eyes, go ahead and order without wasting time and money on samples, you will not be disappointed.

You can be totally & absolutely sure you will have no quality problems!