Buying Toys From China Toy Factory

We accept several forms of payment ...

  • Western Union: This form of payment is suitable for samples and small orders. The fees are high, but the benefit is once the money has been sent, we can receive it immediately, and therefore send the samples or the orders immediately.
  • Paypal: This form of payment is even more convenient than Western Union. You can make your payment online, no need to line up at the bank nor the post office. We can receive the payment in 1 second when you have sent it. But as the operation fees are high, we will always charge 5-8% of the total amount in addition if you choose this payment. It is suitable for samples and small orders.
  • Credit Card: We do not accept credit card payment directly. Somehow, you can pay with your credit card by choosing the payment form as Paypal
  • T/T: Telegraphic Transfer, commonly known as a wire transfer, is our preferred method of payment. For large payments, the fees are much lower than Western Union and we can receive the payment the next day. Please note that when you decide to make a payment, time is of the essence. When we have a Hot Toy, we receive many orders from all over the world and when we offer you the quotation, we will also include an estimated time of shipment. However, please note that between the time we offer you the shipping date and the time we receive your payment, we could potentially receive many new orders that may delay the shipment time of your orders. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make sure we receive your payment ASAP.Please note that T/T Wire Payment will normally take 3-5 business days to arrive. We strongly suggest that you pay your bank an additional fee for “Rush Service” which will guarantee we will receive your payment the next business day.
  • Letter of Credit: We accept L/C payment for order amount over US$100,000. However, please note that L/C is yesterday’s way of doing business. This method is old, slow, expensive, complicated and inconvenient. We strongly urge all customers to use the T/T wire payment method.

Terms of payment:

We require payment in full in advance for all orders, with the exception of full container loads.

If you are buying a full container load, you may wire 50% at the time you are placing the order, and the balance 50% when the goods are ready but before shipment.  When the goods are ready, we will take clear photos of the packaged goods in the export cartons, and will show you a large pile of export cartons with your shipping mark.  You will be 100% sure when looking at our photos that the goods are in fact produced, packaged and ready to go.  Although we do allow 50% deposit and balance 50% when the goods are ready (but before shipment), we very strongly  recommend you do not use this method, because if you use this method you are guaranteed todelay your shipment by a minimum of one week! Shipping arrangements take several days, and we will NOTmake any shipping arrangements before we receive your second payment.

Based on years of experience, we know for sure, that when the goods are ready, it will take several days for us to receive the second payment, and then we will make the shipping arrangements, creating a minimum delay of one week! If you wire 100% of the payment upfront, we will make the shipping arrangements several days before the goods are ready, so when the goods are ready, they can be shipped immediately! In addition, making 2 payments will just waste your time and waste your money, as you will need to make 2 trips to the bank, and pay all the fees 2 times.

Dear customer, for your protection, only the payment accounts with our proper stamp & signature on the PI / Contract are valid. Please DO NOT pay to any account which is not officially approved.

Please contact us to get the correct payment account.